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may 31

San Miguel de Tulcán, capital of the province of Carchi is one of the most important administrative, economic, financial and commercial centers of the north of Ecuador. It is an area rich in pre-Inca cultural heritage such as Tuza, Huaca, Tuncahuán, Capulí, negative of Carchi and Pasto.

Tulcán was the result of the reduction of two aboriginal peoples by the Spanish in the sixteenth century, regrouping the populations of Tulcanquer and Taques to facilitate their indoctrination that settled around the central plaza and its church (Ponce de León, 1582 cited in Municipio de Tulcán, 2003: 19). Tulcán was recognized as Canton on April 11, 1851.

The Cathedral of Tulcán was built in the twentieth century on the remains of the Church of San Miguel, turned into rubble by the earthquake that caused the eruption of the Cumbal volcano on December 13, 1923.

In June 1931, the German Lazarist priest, Pedro Huberto Brüning, began the work with the drawing of the plans. The facade of the church had a style never before seen in the country and was in vogue in Europe, also had a neoclassical dome with the transept and the apse, two details that fascinated the tulcaneños. The construction was completed in 1951.

Modernist style with romantic touches inside and classical altars in gold leaf, highlight two images of utmost importance for the people of Tulcán, the Virgin of the Visitation, considered protective of earthquakes and San Miguel Arcángel brought from Spain in the seventeenth century .

On May 31, homage is paid to the Virgin of the Visitation in commemoration of the moment when the Virgin Mary visited her cousin Isabel.

In the same way, the Church gives San Miguel Arcángel the highest place of its protectors, giving it the role of justice, protector of the innocent and judge of evil.


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