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The Quitus and the Flood

Juan de Velasco, SJ
Año de Creación

Those of Quito still preserve the memory of an ancient shipwreck general, of which only their progenitors were saved in a house of sticks on the summit of Pichincha.

According to the great fables that were written by Niza(1), that shipwreck arose that the three sons of the first man or God, called Pacha, having no one to make war with, kept her with a great serpent;

that, wounded with many arrows, it avenged itself vomiting so much water that it flooded all the earth;

Pacha was saved with his three sons and women, making a house on the summit of Pichincha, where he put many animals and provisions;

that, after many days, he left go the ullaguanga (bird similar to the crow) he what not return by eat the corpses of the dead animals;

who, throwing another bird, returned with green leaves;

that Pacha then went down with his family to the plan, where is the city of Quito,

and that at the time of making the house there to live together, none could understand what the other was talking about;

that, separated by that with their women, the three brothers and the old man had settled in various parts of the district, where their descendants were still.

He adds the same one that others referred to this same history as happened in a very distant part, from where his ancestors were sailing through the sea to Cara;

and explains to come this difference that some were descendants of the primitive Quitus,

and other foreigners who first settled in Cara.

(1) Fray Marcos de Niza, who came to the conquest of Quito, and is said to have written, among other things, The Two Lines of the Incas and the Scyris, Lords of Cuzco and Quito. He was a passionate defender of the Indians.

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